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J.C. Brae – Songwriting

For the past 8 months, my wife and I have been songwriting! The best medicine during this pandemic! We have had a lot of fun, pouring our hearts out in these songs! In fact, we have enjoyed it so much, that we have decided to relaunch my singing career! The music industry isn’t the easiestContinue reading “J.C. Brae – Songwriting”

J.C. Brae – All Request “Country Music” Sunday’s!!

What am I doing with my time? I’m getting creative! I’m not going to stop making music or performing! It’s time to create a new way of life! Aside from doing a lot of writing, I’ve also been coming up with ways to stay connected with everyone! Here is just one of the ways IContinue reading “J.C. Brae – All Request “Country Music” Sunday’s!!”

J.C. Brae – No Age Limit To Fulfill A Dream

Where would we be if we couldn’t pursue our dreams, no matter how old we are? What message would we be sending to our kids and our youth? A voice is a voice, no matter how old you are on the inside, and no matter how old you are on the the outside. There isContinue reading “J.C. Brae – No Age Limit To Fulfill A Dream”

J.C. Brae – YouTube Channel

I’m getting creative; please feel free to check out my new YouTube Channel where I will be posting some music videos from my first album. I’m busy writing and sharing as much positive vibes as I can; we are all in this together!

J.C. Brae – Changing Perspective

They say, “look into someone’s eyes and you will see their soul”, that is where you will also see their passion. The Soul is your true passion! Finding my soul, made me have a change of perspective when it came to my music career. What I had been chasing in my music, was staring atContinue reading “J.C. Brae – Changing Perspective”

J.C. Brae – Getting Creative

I’ve always loved writing poetry and music; it is like an extension of my heart. Putting your heart into song leaves you open to interpretation and vulnerability to the listener. Being able to do that and put pen to paper, allows me to pour my heart out there for everyone to hear and feel. IContinue reading “J.C. Brae – Getting Creative”