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J.C. Brae – All Request “Country Music” Sunday’s!!

What am I doing with my time? I’m getting creative! I’m not going to stop making music or performing! It’s time to create a new way of life!

Aside from doing a lot of writing, I’ve also been coming up with ways to stay connected with everyone! Here is just one of the ways I plan to do it:

All Request “Country Music” Sunday’s!!

Starting this Sunday “Easter Sunday” I am hosting my very first request show!

This will be a weekly show that I’m looking forward to bringing to you!

This is how it works:

From Monday to Thursday you send your favorite Country Music request to me through my Facebook page. Please search J.C. Brae on Facebook!

Then on Sunday I will be performing all your favorites! I will be uploading my show on my YouTube channel-J.C. Brae Project

Please feel free to share this post with all your friends and family!

Due to short notice for this week, I’ll be accepting request today and Saturday.

See you Sunday 😊✌


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