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On April 4, 1974, J.C. Brae was born in Sudbury, Ontario Canada as (Jean-Claude) with a microphone in his hand!   The eighth child out of nine; out of four boys he is the youngest son.  His stage name J.C. Brae is in honor of his children; his daughter Jacey and his son Braeden.

At 2 years old, he was whistling country tunes playing on the radio; by the time he was in Grade 2 he entered a talent contest and sang “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers.  He won this talent contest and was soon labelled, “The Gambler” by all his school mates.

As a young boy, J.C. often imitated a variety of Country Music Artists such as John Conlee, Hank Williams Sr. , as well as, Jeannie Sheppard; of course until puberty kicked in!  Family and friends were always playing cassette tapes and requesting J.C. to sing along with the music; he gave them constant entertainment.

As J.C. was growing up, his family home was known as, “The Party House”, a place where family and friends would come over on the weekends to listen to good Country music; Dolly Parton, George Jones and Porter Wagoner rang through the house, which inspired J.C. to start writing music at an early age.

Throughout J.C.’s life he has had many passions; one being hockey – a true Canadian boy!!  As a teenager, J.C. played hockey in Sudbury, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta and tried out for the OHL, with opportunities to play in the European hockey league, however his devotion to his family kept him at home.  J.C. remains a solid and devoted Calgary Flames fan.

When J.C. wasn’t playing sports, especially hockey he continued to sing, write and perform.  Then before you knew it, Karaoke hit the scenes!  This allowed J.C. an opportunity to perfect his voice in crowded bars.  J.C. entered numerous Karaoke contests and won the majority; this gave him the confidence and the will to take his music to the next level.  J.C. had so much to offer the Country Music Industry and nothing to lose.

In 1995, J.C. married and had two children; throughout the years, while working numerous jobs, supporting a wife and raising two kids, he still tried to follow his passion but it often was put on the shelf for a later time. In 1999 J.C.’s father Archille passed away unexpectedly, which set him back.  Archille was his father, friend and confidant and is missed daily.  J.C. turned his grief into lyrics which are currently being written to music for his next Album; his father always told J.C. to take a negative and turn it into a positive.

In 2005 J.C. found his marriage was falling apart and after several attempts, they decided to go their separate ways, remaining friends even till this day.  J.C. being the best father he could be and living in a community where the unemployment rate was soaring, decided for his children’s sake, he would travel out to British Columbia where the economy at the time was on a rise.  It was hard to leave his children in Ontario, but knowing he could provide for them better he made the move. 

Once J.C. arrived in British Columbia, his life changed and changed for the better.  Not only was he able to provide for his children, but he then met Jacqueline, the love of his life; a woman who made him realize that his dreams are attainable and dreams do come true. 

After 2 years in British Columbia, J.C. and Jacqueline decided to follow their dreams and passions in life and they moved back to Ontario.

In October of 2008, J.C. and Jacqueline travelled to Nashville, TN to record his self-titled album; an adventure and a learning experience, but one they will never forget.  They produced this album with numerous of very talented people; they will be forever grateful for the Southern hospitality and care they received while in Nashville, TN.

Talkin Dirty, Mississippi Rendezvous, Somebody’s Baby and Savin It Up for Saturday Night are great dance tunes that everyone will be able to relate too.  “I Remember That Lonely” and “If Only” are songs which will help mend broken hearts all over the Country.  Songs are meant to inspire and also provide comfort when relationships change.

“How High Did You Go” was written by the same writer who provided Keith Urban with his #1 hit “You Look Good In My Shirt” – meeting Mark Nesler  was an amazing experience; the creativity in his mind is endless and J.C. looks forward to working with him in the future.

“I’m Only 10 Years Old” is written by J.C. Brae, which was inspired by his daughter Jacey.  During a very critical time in J.C. and his daughters’ lives, a great song was written.  Puts a whole new look on, “when given lemons, make lemonade”.

At the present time, J.C. and Jacqueline have added 2 more businesses to their life – J.C. Brae Music and Brandy Records – their independent Indie label.  Brandy Records was also arrived at with the loss of their family pet which Jacqueline had for 15 years – a black cockapoo named Brandy.  Brandy brought comfort to the family, she was a cuddle monster; she is missed every day. 

Life has been one adventure after another, but J.C. and his family have taken their combined hardships, mourned their losses, cried their tears, and picked themselves up and carried on; life is what you make it and as long as there is Country Music playing while we are living it, then we have wakened up to a good day.

We hope you enjoy J.C.’s music and sound. He’s a country boy through and through; bringing back the western side of Country.  An old soul – with a new age twist that attracts all ages.

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