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The J.C. Brae Project Podcast! — J.C. Brae Project

We are happy to announce we now have a podcast! The J.C. Brae Project Podcast can be found on the following links: We hope you will join us and follow Season 1! In Season 1, we will be introducing J.C. Brae to you! In Season 2, we will be sharing interviews, music, and […]

The J.C. Brae Project Podcast! — J.C. Brae Project

J.C. Brae – Signed with MC1 Nashville/Sony Music/The Orchard

I’m excited to announce I’ve just signed on with record label MC1 Nashville/Sony Music-The Orchard!! I’m so excited to share this news with you! This is going to be a fantastic journey! Thank you for all your support!






J.C. Brae – Songwriting

For the past 8 months, my wife and I have been songwriting! The best medicine during this pandemic! We have had a lot of fun, pouring our hearts out in these songs! In fact, we have enjoyed it so much, that we have decided to relaunch my singing career!

The music industry isn’t the easiest to get launched into, however, if you take your time, and keep plugging away at it, it will eventually show you which direction you are meant to go in.

I have learned there is more to the music industry than just singing; the options are truly endless right now. From songwriting, to podcasts, to producing music, and to social media, there are so many journeys to travel in music.

We are going to harness them all! Why not?! We have learned so much during this time; giving up just isn’t in the cards! We are going to give it our everything and we are going to have fun doing it!

Feel free to check out our YouTube channel and enjoy some of our music. We have plans for a new album in the new year which we are also excited about!

The songs on this channel are for pitching purposes and we are not gaining financially from this channel.

Brandy Records Canada – New Look — Brandy Records Canada

Brandy Records Canada is in the process of creating a new look, creating more options for artists, and enjoying this new process in our New World we are living in. We are starting by creating a variety of items which will be available in our online store; a clothing line, jewelery, promotional products, and of […]

Brandy Records Canada – New Look — Brandy Records Canada