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J.C. Brae – Taking A Chance

From contest to contest, came a few very interested management agencies.

This is when my wife Jackie and I, set forth on a trip to Nashville to record my first album.

Many talented song writers pitched me many songs, to help me along. I write my own songs as well, but I wanted a variety and a different perspective for my first album.

We spent one month in Nashville, TN, and met a lot of great and talented people; it was an amazing experience. We were fortunate to have been able to attend the CMA’s while we were there, which fueled me even more. We also took in the sites, and experienced Music Row.

Everywhere we went, it seemed everyone was an aspiring singer and they were all very good I might add. They had mastered their own craft.

If anything, I could say if nothing else, I followed my dream and took and chance on me. For all who enjoy my music, I am truly grateful and I thank you all!


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