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J.C. Brae – Northern Ontario Country Music Community

There has been a lot of musical talent that has come from Northern Ontario; Shania Twain, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Gil Grand, and Jake Matthews just to name a few. There are many concerts that come to my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. We have multiple venue’s for local talent and band circuits. It’s a diverse crowdContinue reading “J.C. Brae – Northern Ontario Country Music Community”


J.C. Brae – Karaoke Circuit

From the ages of 19 to 35, I sang with bands, but could not seem to find members who wanted to play all the time. I wanted to sing more and more, so instead I entered the Karaoke scene. I made a lot of friends and fans through Karaoke; I know it helped me toContinue reading “J.C. Brae – Karaoke Circuit”

J.C. Brae – Taking A Chance

From contest to contest, came a few very interested management agencies. This is when my wife Jackie and I, set forth on a trip to Nashville to record my first album. Many talented song writers pitched me many songs, to help me along. I write my own songs as well, but I wanted a varietyContinue reading “J.C. Brae – Taking A Chance”

J.C. Brae – Contests

I’ve been in many singing contests; the first contest I was in, was in elementary school. I was 7 years old and I sang, “The Gambler”, by Kenny Rogers. I ended up winning the talent show; the entire school started calling me, “Little Kenny.” I believe this is where I got the bug to startContinue reading “J.C. Brae – Contests”

J.C. Brae – A Passion For Entertaining

I’ve always loved entertaining; if I can make someone smile, cry, or think of someone or something that takes them down memory lane, then I’ve gone to a place in my soul that brings me passion – my music! Whether it be someone we have lost or a place in time; to make them actuallyContinue reading “J.C. Brae – A Passion For Entertaining”

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow 2024 North American Tour Who will benefit:  EVERYONE!  We are firm believers in the following: Birthplace:  EarthRace:  HumanPolitics:  FreedomReligion:  Love There is far too much negativity in the World!  We would like to do our part in bringing more Good Vibes to those in need.  The Good Vibes Only Roadshow, helps people who are struggling, helps people take backContinue reading “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow 2024 North American Tour”

J.C. Brae – Northern Roots

I was born in a blue collar mining town, in a city called Sudbury, which is located in Northern Ontario, Canada. The population in Sudbury, is approximately 230,000. The main industry in Sudbury is nickle mining; Sudbury being built on a crater is the richness of nickle ore. I had the opportunity, as a kid,Continue reading “J.C. Brae – Northern Roots”

J.C. Brae – My Sisters

I have five sisters; four are older than me and one is younger. I remember my sisters enjoying all kinds of music; country being the favored. In our family, my sisters all sang; I can still hear them singing to my Mom, “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton. I loved hearing them all singContinue reading “J.C. Brae – My Sisters”