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The Good Vibes Only Roadshow 2024 North American Tour

Who will benefit:  EVERYONE! 

We are firm believers in the following:

Birthplace:  Earth
Race:  Human
Politics:  Freedom
Religion:  Love

There is far too much negativity in the World!  We would like to do our part in bringing more Good Vibes to those in need.  The Good Vibes Only Roadshow, helps people who are struggling, helps people take back their control in the fact that it is okay to be a positive person, as well this tour helps people see that it is alright to be who you are meant to be in this World.  This tour is about bringing a whole new perspective!  New perspectives are needed!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow is a creative tour to help absolutely everyone.  We want to bring people together who are not only struggling, but who are wanting to share Good Vibes as well.

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow Tour will be from town-to-town, city-to-city, small venues to larger venues,  coffee shops, book stores, music festivals, vintage markets, RV parks, and many other venues – Good Vibes Only one location at a time!

Due to the fact this tour is quite large, the funds we are trying to raise will be strictly for the costs of venues, administration costs, pubic relations, promotional items, advertising costs and marketing costs.

Once we have gone on the road with our Tour, we will also be helping some of the less fortunate and giving to some families in their time of need.   We realize we cannot help all families in need, but we are hoping to start a trend for others to get involved with.  We will be blogging about the families we have helped during this tour and sharing their Good Vibes story.

We will be providing workshops, motivational speaking, book signings, and much, much more!

We are planning this tour for 2024, although it is five years away, it will take this time to generate the funds that will be needed.

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow is also a book tour featuring:

Jacqueline Burke, Author (me) I’ve written The Good Vibes Only Roadshow, as well as, a fictional book series In My Closet (3 book series)

J.C. Brae, Country Music Artist – we will be creating J.C.’s documentary on this tour as well.  J.C.’s goal is to help other musicians to see that not everything happens overnight.  It is okay to have your ups and downs in the music industry and still come out of it ahead.   Due to the fact, depression and anxiety is common in the music industry with rejection, we want to focus on how important a change in mindset is key to help these individuals.

We are also providing this Tour as a family; J.C., our daughter and myself will be working together to help others.  Between the three of us, we also want to show support to other creative minds and to encourage them to continue with their passions in life.

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow Tour is extremely informative in many areas.

For more information:

We can also be found on the following social media outlets:


We will also be documenting this journey on all our social media outlets.

For our vision to become a reality, would be a dream come true.  We need to follow our dreams, in hopes to be able to help, at the very least, one person at a time.

There is far too many people struggling with depression and anxiety in the World, and we would like to do our part in showing people other creative ways of helping themselves.

We would like to thank you for your help, and we are extremely grateful!  Words cannot express to you just how we appreciate your help.  It is important to us for you to know just how much this is needed.  Thank you so much and we look forward to bringing this Tour to you.

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J.C. Brae – Northern Roots

I was born in a blue collar mining town, in a city called Sudbury, which is located in Northern Ontario, Canada.

The population in Sudbury, is approximately 230,000. The main industry in Sudbury is nickle mining; Sudbury being built on a crater is the richness of nickle ore.

I had the opportunity, as a kid, to also live in Calgary, Alberta; I find having had the opportunity to live in more than one community, gave me the ability to be a person who can adjust easily. I am grateful for having had this opportunity.

The City of Sudbury is a friendly city, where people wave at you, as if they know you, when in fact they don’t. I suppose it is the Northern way of life.

The Winters are very cold and long in Sudbury; the Summers are very hot and humid. Sudbury is surrounded by lakes, so in the Summer, guess where all the people are? You guessed it! Anywhere to cool off!

In general, Sudbury is a great place to raise a family, there is endless opportunities, and no matter if you move away, you will always find your way back to Sudbury!

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J.C. Brae – My Sisters

I have five sisters; four are older than me and one is younger.

I remember my sisters enjoying all kinds of music; country being the favored. In our family, my sisters all sang; I can still hear them singing to my Mom, “Coat of Many Colors” by Dolly Parton. I loved hearing them all sing together, it brought me great joy.

I’ve always loved harmonizing, and I attribute this to my four eldest sisters. They all can hold a tune! They have all supported me in my music and for that I am truly grateful.

As for my baby sister – she is eight years younger than me, so I took her under my wing and sang with her endlessly. We wrote some silly songs as youngsters, but that is where I figured out I could possibly write music. I had a lot of fun doing it as well.

As for my baby sister (Krystal), she can sing like a bird! Her tone and purity of her voice still gives me chills. If you ask me – she is the real singer! One day I hope she would consider joining with me and making a brother/sister duet album – maybe one day.

I want to thank Krystal for her support and to let all my sisters know that I love them. Thank you all for being there!

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J.C. Brae – My Brothers

With nine children in our family; I have three brothers. All my brothers have supported me in all of my passions; music and sports.

My eldest brother, Paul, was always there as a big supporter in my sports and music. He is 14 years older than I am; I suppose you could say, he was also like a Dad to me. Always there for encouragement and to see me succeed. I will always love him for his friendship and support.

My brother Henry, was and still is the dancer in the family. When I was quite young, Henry moved away to a different province and began his life. I didn’t have a chance to develop a close relationship with him, until later on in life. With a large family, you will see quite an age difference that sends older siblings on with their lives; with Henry the age difference or the distance in where we lived, didn’t stop him from showing his continuous support for me and our friendship.

Out of my brothers, my brother Charles is the closest in age to me. We are eight years apart and he is the family comedian, with all his sayings and with his humorous behavior. He is actually the spitting image of my deceased father; to be honest, that has been a blessing, as when I find myself missing my Dad, he is there. Charles loves to sing as well, and has always shown his support with my music.

I appreciate and love my brothers; no matter the distance in age or where we live, we know we can always have each others support.