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J.C. Brae – Karaoke Circuit

From the ages of 19 to 35, I sang with bands, but could not seem to find members who wanted to play all the time. I wanted to sing more and more, so instead I entered the Karaoke scene.

I made a lot of friends and fans through Karaoke; I know it helped me to keep working on my craft. To sing all my favorites and to hear everyone sing along, brought such joy into my life.

I know musicians out there, are not the biggest fans of Karaoke, but it was the easiest way for me to be proactive without having to find space to jam in, plus trying to gather the band to practice. The industry is unique.

The contests I entered in this setting were fun and I was able to play with my voice and truly find my “pocket”. I owe a great deal to Karaoke for helping me master my craft.


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