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J.C. Brae – Northern Roots

I was born in a blue collar mining town, in a city called Sudbury, which is located in Northern Ontario, Canada.

The population in Sudbury, is approximately 230,000. The main industry in Sudbury is nickle mining; Sudbury being built on a crater is the richness of nickle ore.

I had the opportunity, as a kid, to also live in Calgary, Alberta; I find having had the opportunity to live in more than one community, gave me the ability to be a person who can adjust easily. I am grateful for having had this opportunity.

The City of Sudbury is a friendly city, where people wave at you, as if they know you, when in fact they don’t. I suppose it is the Northern way of life.

The Winters are very cold and long in Sudbury; the Summers are very hot and humid. Sudbury is surrounded by lakes, so in the Summer, guess where all the people are? You guessed it! Anywhere to cool off!

In general, Sudbury is a great place to raise a family, there is endless opportunities, and no matter if you move away, you will always find your way back to Sudbury!


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