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J.C. Brae – My Brothers

With nine children in our family; I have three brothers. All my brothers have supported me in all of my passions; music and sports.

My eldest brother, Paul, was always there as a big supporter in my sports and music. He is 14 years older than I am; I suppose you could say, he was also like a Dad to me. Always there for encouragement and to see me succeed. I will always love him for his friendship and support.

My brother Henry, was and still is the dancer in the family. When I was quite young, Henry moved away to a different province and began his life. I didn’t have a chance to develop a close relationship with him, until later on in life. With a large family, you will see quite an age difference that sends older siblings on with their lives; with Henry the age difference or the distance in where we lived, didn’t stop him from showing his continuous support for me and our friendship.

Out of my brothers, my brother Charles is the closest in age to me. We are eight years apart and he is the family comedian, with all his sayings and with his humorous behavior. He is actually the spitting image of my deceased father; to be honest, that has been a blessing, as when I find myself missing my Dad, he is there. Charles loves to sing as well, and has always shown his support with my music.

I appreciate and love my brothers; no matter the distance in age or where we live, we know we can always have each others support.


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