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J.C. Brae – My Mom

There is no other way to start this post, but to tell you, my Mom lost her battle with Cancer on my birthday, April 4, the year 2017.

I had a feeling she was going to pass away on my birthday; it was going to happen this exact day. I look at it as though, she in her own way, was speaking to me without words. To this day, I am not sure what she is trying to say, but I’m still waiting to find out.

I know life has its ups and down’s , and we go through peaks and valley’s throughout our lives, but I try to stay somewhere in the middle so I don’t experience life too high or too low.

My Mom always loved when her kids (all 9 of us) would sing to her. When she was in the hospital, all her boys were there around her bed. I started to sing some of her favorite songs and all my brother’s joined in. It was a special moment I will never forget.

The smile my Mom had while she listened to us sing, was special and I knew through all the pain she was feeling; in song we took her pain away.

I am so grateful music is in our lives to show peace when there is war, happiness when there is sadness, laughter when there are tears, and helps those to escape when there is no way out.

My Mom felt all those emotions, if only for those brief few minutes and for that I thank Country music for bringing her Peace.


I miss you dearly. I thank you for being there when I needed you the most and I thank you for supporting my music.

Love you Mom!

Until tomorrow,

J.C. Brae


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