J.C. Brae – My Dad

When thinking about my Dad, there are so may places I could start this post with; he was everything to me.

I lost my Dad when I was 25 years old. His love of Country Music was undeniable. From the likes of Lefty Frizzell, Hank Thompson, Conway Twitty, Dolly and Porter, just to name a few, my father’s love of Country Music was endless.

My Dad’s love of Country Music is where I learned my craft.

My Dad was a lover of music, but only Country. He always encouraged me to sing and to continue singing to hopefully have a career in Country Music. He would listen to me and my sister (Krystal) sing together; we were his two youngest children, and he would be so proud.

I would give anything to have him here right now, and to enjoy my music and CD which I released. I’m sure he’s listening from up above and dancing the two-step in the clouds.

I miss him dearly; not only was he my Dad, he was my friend, confident, and he was my idol.

Message To Dad:

“Love and miss you Dad; every song on my album has a fiddle and steel guitar in it, to be ‘real’ Country Music just as you enjoyed. Love you always!”

Until tomorrow,

J.C. Brae


8 thoughts on “J.C. Brae – My Dad”

  1. I posted this on thegoodvibesonlyroadshow where I found your post, but wanted to share it with you directly. “Thanks for sharing this very heartfelt post. I am sure it will resonate with many as it did with me.”

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