J.C. Brae – Just a Little Bit About Me

I had a loving upbringing; I am the eighth child of nine children. My parents should have been given a Medal of Recognition for everything my siblings and I put them through.

There were three (3) generations between all nine kids. Seven of my siblings were born in the 1960’s, I was born in the 1970’s, and my baby sister was born in the 1980’s.

I grew up with two things on my mind, my passion for sports and country music.

As a kid, we moved around a lot, so that made it easy for me to adapt to any situation. I was able to fit in.

I’ve decided with my blog, I’m going to take my time in introducing myself to you. In creating a New Vision for Country Music; I’m also creating a new approach to letting you all know who I am. I want to savor every moment with my new approach, and I hope you all will enjoy it with me.

As I go along, I will be more detailed and probably ramble on, but for now I’d like to take my time.

Until Tomorrow,

J.C. Brae


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